Wool Bathing Sponge

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Our Natural Sea Wool Sponges offer gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells and reveal younger, fresher looking skin. They create a luxurious lather while you cleanse and are highly absorbent, softly textured and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. This silky, soft sponge is gentle enough for bathing infants as well.

While we call this a bathing sponge, there are many more uses for a natural sea sponge! Try it in the kitchen for washing dishes, walls and general household cleaning or safely wash your vehicle finishes, interiors, wheels and tires.

Sea Sponges contain enzymes that naturally inhibit the growth of mold and bacteria and are hypoallergenic and biodegradable.

Caring for your Natural Sea Sponge: Clean periodically by hand with warm water and baking soda, place in your dishwasher or machine wash with your towels (no bleach or fabric softeners!). Whichever method you choose, allow your sponge to air dry naturally. Do not microwave or tumble dry.

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